In a recent post, Tullian Tchividjian queried his readers as to the whereabouts of the public Christian intellectual. He defines a public intellectual as "one who is a generalist knowledgeable about cultural and political matters and whose ideas reach a substantial public."

Fear not, Mr. Tchividjian. For I am right here! I live in San Diego! You can email me anytime! This, I am sure, will allow you to sleep better at night.

It's just possible that, being new to Crosswalk as he is, Mr. T. is unaware of the range and prowess of my personal intellectualosityness. I hereby then proffer to him the following, which I am confident will render him confident of the robust state of our intellectual integrity:

If Mr. Tchividjian would like further evidence of the formidable magnitude of my contributions to Christian intellectualism, he has only to ask, and within moments will have delivered into his inbox more of it than he could be reasonably expected to digest.