Yesterday my wife Cat and I hung around uber-snazzy La Jolla, CA, which is just down the coast from where we live. As you can see from this one shot I took, La Jolla (city motto: "Having a Love-Hate Relationship with Tourists since 1905") is ridiculously beautiful:


Here we see, along the same walk on which the above shot was taken, some random sea birds hanging out and wondering when someone's going to come clean their rock:


And here, along the same oceanside promenade, we have proof that sometimes God gets bored, and decides to design something so crazy that all regular people can do when they see it is take a picture of it, post it on their blog, and hope anyone believes they didn't make it up in Photoshop. (Just to be clear, in case the picture isn't: the two parts of the tree that look like they're both coming out of the ground are. The thing just loops back into the ground; or, actually, comes out of the ground in two different places, and then somehow seamlessly merges to become one .... root-branch-tree/optical illusion thing that if you weren't a good Christian would totally make you want to go get a drink somewhere.


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