For those kind enough to inquire as to what shoes I now favor, below are Shoe Cheesecake Shots of my current athletic shoe wear. (Shoeweare? Shoeware? Showwear? Showbiz? Whatever.) I bought them two months ago, for about $80. I wear them to the gym four or five times a week, which causes me increasing anguish, because in my personal and private Shoe Hall of Fame, these bad boys rank #1 in both style and comfort, which means the thought of wearing them out and not having them anymore brings me mild but persistant anxiety. I like these retro-boss shoes like I've liked few shoes in my life, and (as those of you who read my last post, A Painful Memory know), I tend to serioulsy dig my shoes. Anyway, these are my current tootsie tuxedos. I love the way they basically look like bowling shoes. According to their Tongue Tag, they're Air Max 360's, model #315380-461.

Here we see them looking unabashedly coy, yet clearly intoxicated.

Here we see them whispering sweet nothings to each other.

This is how my shoes would look to you if we were standing face to face chatting, and you looked down at my feet, and me and everything else I was wearing was invisible. And you were about 4' 9".


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