I think it's just wrong to say someone's exceptionally hilarious, and then not prove it. Wrong! So here's why I think Steve MacDonald is possibly the funniest human being on the planet:

A while back I was e-mailing Steve about this Comedy Bit I was writing having to do with Einstein. So then he writes me back, and says, "Yeah, and his dad's name is Frank. And he inherited his hair from his mom, the bride of Frank Einstein."

Pretty extremely funny, right?

And then Steve adds: "Just imagine Frankensteins's theory of relativity: 'In physics, E = mc2 is the equation that expresses an equivalence between energy (E) and mass (m) in direct proportion to the badness of fire (C2).'"

That clinched it.

Later today (I promise, April): More on Woody Woodpecker Turns Manic Attack Bird!

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