This is the second part of A Vulture Tried to Eat My Face.

Having beaten myself into exhaustion

ascending a mountain I had no place on

a shadow slid across my path

before a lord of the sky descended to hover

just out of arm's reach

a vulture, majestic and hideous

head cocked

blinking its oily black eyes at me

unabashedly curious

"Oh, my God!" I thought, "Look alive!" 

so I straightened a bit and

picked up my pace, a bit

fixing my eyes straight ahead

as one does when being stared at

by a hulking eater of carrion

But then---for aren't I of am dominant species?---

I stared boldly back at Lurch on wings

who then swept up and disappeared behind me

back to the sky, I supposed, back

to circling in that realm between God's heaven

and earth's death


For the pink, scrotum-headed spectre

reappeared on my right side

and at the sight of the floating beast once again so near

I stumbled

the sound of my chaotic crumbling odd

against the quiet muffle of the mountain

whose heartless rocks

exacted from me their own price

being some skin along my arm---

and I was bleeding!

while just beyond the trail

high above the valley below it

hovered the dark creature

who, as I sat desperately clutching my fresh red arm

silently fixed his gaze upon me

wondering, perhaps,

if the God of vultures

had finally smiled upon him

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