For any fans of mine who live in San Diego and this Sunday don't have anything to do, or anywhere to go, but who still feel like being somewhere at 9 a.m. in the morning ...

Um. So, to absolutely no one: During the "Forum" held between services, I will, this Sunday, Jan. 4, be speaking at St. Paul's Cathedral in San Diego. I'll be speaking on, "How to Talk to Non-Christians About Christianity Even Though You Know Going In That They Think You're Insane." In the little blurb thing that St. Paul's has in their bulletin about my upcoming YakFest, it says, "Those attending the forum will be encouraged to share their own challenges and experiences with trying talk about their faith with the nonbelievers in their lives." "Encouraged" here means that I'm not going to talk until someone else does first.

Hey. Fair is fair. I'm thinking about shaving for this affair. Clearly, I'm going to do my part.

Even though I am known throughout all three floors of the townhouse in which I live, coming to hear me talk will be free. In fact, they'll pay you for showing up, in the form of free coffee and cookies. Plus, all the people at St. Paul's are deeply kind. So really there's pretty much no excuse at all for you not showing up. Be there, or be somewhere else.


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Comment/ask me for directions to St. Paul's here.