Wherever you are right now, stop for a moment, and look around.

There's God!

That we so readily and naturally take for granted the physical world around us can sometimes make it difficult for us to remember that God isn't just in heaven, or just in church, or even "just" in our hearts as the Holy Spirit. God is unceasingly striving (well: insofar as God ever strives to do anything) to in every possible way communicate to us the immediate reality of his presence. He does that inside of us--and he does that outside of us.

If at any given moment you stop to look around yourself, what do you see? You see patterns. Light. Forms. Textures. Carved space. Layers upon layers of natural and manmade phenomena. You see every kind of color. You see things that on an atomic level you know are zinging around like crazy--yet there they are, solid as a rock.

And what do you hear? The music of life; the rich, unending, multi-layered hum of existence.

What each and every one of us has all of the time, everywhere around us, is flat-out, 100% miracle.

People who are resistant to the idea of believing in God often say how they would believe in God, if just once in their life they could see or experience a true, undeniable miracle.

And whenever I hear that, I wonder: What else is there?

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