Whenever Christians engage in an exchange on the Internet about anything of almost any substance whatsoever---gays, hell, universal salvation, infallibility of Scripture, women as clergy, cushions on pews, colognes worn by pastors, cookies vs. donuts, off-key hymn belters---it's inevitable that some Christians will start declaring that other Christians in the conversation aren't really Christian at all.

I can't imagine being at an Elk's Lodge meeting, and having one of the members stand up and say something about the minutes of the last meeting, or whatever---and then having another guy stand up, point at the first guy, and bellow, "You're not a real Elk! You're not Elkian!"

Right? You'd think that guy is crazy. Of course the first guy's an Elk. He's at the Elk meeting. He's wearing the Elk parade-leader's hat. He's Elkian.

If you're a Christian who has ever declared that someone who says they're a Christian isn't, please stop doing that. It makes all us Christians seem just a little more stupid. You have no idea who is and isn't a Christian, okay? Worry about your own soul. Let God worry about everyone else's.

Okay! Happy Friday! Love!

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