EDITOR’S “EDITOR’S NOTE”:  Here’s how my coworker, Chad, and I felt about last night’s latest elimination on American Idol Season 7.  It’s a whirlwind 60 seconds or so of instant-messaging analysis.  And disbelieving-sis.

Laura Mac says:  Dude.  WHAT happened last night on AI?

Chad says:  I … can't … talk … right … now.  I'm being treated for shock.

Chad says:  Just kidding.  But seriously, I'm shocked

Laura Mac says:  Yeah.  What is up with America?  And what IS Syesha's secret?

Chad says:  I have no idea.  The bottom three were as expected, but there is no way I thought Michael Johns was going home.  I was sure it was Syesha.

Chad says:  This was the first shocker of the season.

Laura Mac says:  For sure.  And I guess Michael's song selection may have been the tipping point.  America apparently didn't want to "Dream On."

Chad says:  The song selection was a little strange for the theme, but America was definitely sleeping on that one.  He should have been around at least three more weeks.

Laura Mac says:  We'll all miss him.  And his accent, too. 

Chad says:  Amen.

Chad says:  But we better get used to it.  From here on out it's going to be very difficult.  There are only two people left who I think obviously can't win it (Syesha & Kristy), and it is unlikely they will be the next two to go.  That means more upsets.

Laura Mac says:  Sadness.

Laura Mac says:  Okay, well thx for being the voice of reality and reason.  Hey, is there a guest artist next week?  Do you know?

Chad says:  Good question.  I haven't heard anything so I'm guessing no.  Personally, I'm hoping for heavy metal night so Archuleta's music androidness will be further exposed. 

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, he DOES seem to specialize in robotic performances.  Anyway, it’s probably what Simon is thinking and has yet to verbalize.

Laura Mac says:  I actually think it would HI-larious if the "guest artist" was a former bizarro contestant ... like Sanjaya or something. 

Laura Mac says:  Mix it up.  Keep it REALLY real.

Chad says:  Oh my.  I think that's mentioned in the book of Revelation.

Laura Mac says:  "The Second Coming of Sanjaya"

Laura Mac says:  Yeah, I think I've read about that.

Laura Mac says:  Alrighty.  Well have a good weekend.  More AI next week.  TTYL.

Chad says:  You too.