Found a card in my wallet recently.  Wedged right between my ATM card and my CVS customer rewards card, it’s green … like the regular AmEx one.  But it doesn’t really have the same type of status.  Still, it appears that I’m a proud, card-carrying "Pharisee Express" member. ...

Cardmember:  Laura MacCorkle

Member since:  December 3, 19--

Occupation:  Editor

Proudest accomplishment:  Singing in my church choir/babysitting gratis for church families/serving hot meals at the homeless shelter/keeping a long prayer list/signing up to provide food for every sick person or family with a new baby/having the best, most in-depth answers in Bible study, wearing the nicest Sunday dresses, etc.

Perfect day:  Recognition for my latest act of service or words of wisdom.  And a good cup of coffee from a blend with all proceeds benefitting a third-world country.

Most unusual gifts:  Pointing out other people’s issues and helping them solve their problems.

Recent good deed:  Sweeping my neighbor’s walkway.  While it’s still daylight.  When everyone is getting home from work and can see me better.

Group therapy:  Sharing my lengthy personal praise reports with special mentions of my triumphs over lesser, more socially acceptable sins (gossip, worrying, coveting, etc.).

Can’t live without:  Friends who agree with me.  The latest “it” book from the Christian bookstore.  And my giant O.T. and N.T. commentaries.

My card:  Makes me feel better than others.

Could you be a  cardmember?™
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