It's called "Left Behind--World at War," and it's from Cloud 10 Pictures. The movie opened, not in theaters, but in churches--thousands of 'em--this past weekend. Any Hollywood release that showed on that many screens would be considered a bonafide blockbuster. And in many ways, this film delivers.

Simply put, the movie is excellent, by any standard of comparison. It achieves what Christians, longing for top-shelf family entertainment, have longed for. A clear Gospel message, an unwavering stand for marriage, and a mandate for remaining in the center of God’s will, no matter what your flesh may be telling you to do. All that, PLUS great production values, a solid script, and outstanding performances turned in by literally EVERY actor…a tribute, no doubt, to the presence of Lou Gossett, Jr. as President Fitzhugh.

Cloud 10 has truly "arrived" with the release of this film. …no matter how unorthodox the marketing strategy! Oh, and here's another novel "twist" in their approach: the DVD is already available--today--from major retailers nationwide. Buy yours today...and by all means...don't be "Left Behind."