By this time next week, I'll be able to watch television once again, my latest month-long “TV Turnoff” ending in great success. Question is: will I really want to return to the tube? Certainly, I will never watch television the same way again. Real life has proven to be far more interesting! I've never been more productive, organized, focused, or relaxed! It has been a life-changing experience, without a doubt. Rather than attempting to spin some sort of narrative, allow me to share a few random insights thus far:

*Away from TV’s daily diet of salacious innuendo and cynical commentary, I’m surprised at how coarse I’d allowed my own language to become, and how negative my perspective on life.

*I’m startled by how I’ve lowered my standards…what garbage I’ve permitted myself to consume, without a single cringe…and what I’ve found amusing.

*I’ve rediscovered a hunger for holiness, available only when I mortify (“put to death”) the un-Godly influences and temptations in my life (Hebrews 12:14).

*I’m far more contented with who I am, and what I have…not motivated as much by what I don’t have (Ecclesiastes 4).

*I am quicker to listen, slower to speak, and slower to get angry (James 1:19).

And—as I guess you can see—I’m spending a bit more time in God’s Word!

Of course, television provides only a fraction of the distraction; the assault on my sensibilities continues unabated from many other sources. Can I go for a month without my satellite radio, Blockbuster Video™, Facebook®, my iPod®…