**UPDATE: Since this editorial was written, BP's cap seems to be holding! I couldn't be more pleased that one of my metaphors is dated! :) **


Perhaps it's just my (admittedly) warped perspective, but…has anyone else noticed the eerie similarities between the Gulf oil spill and the illegal immigration problem?

In both cases, we're dealing with a major crisis, offering overwhelming immediate and long-term complications. Both have created and sustained heated debate. Both issues have provoked fumbling intervention from the executive branch, and both the oil spill and the immigration disasters have resulted in no end of finger-pointing between government and business.


Careers have both bolstered and destroyed, both sides have made political hay, and there is plenty of punditry available about just who needs to do what. And, as the dire predictions multiply with each passing hour, still nothing is being done to stop the flow…of the criminals, or the crude. Where is the common sense? If your faucet was leaking gallons of water onto the floor, which would you grab first—the wrench, or the mop?


Sadly, there is apparently one other similarity between the human and environment disasters we now face. In both cases, our children, and their children, will be required to deal with the consequences of our inaction.