(CAUTION: Objectionable language below)

It was the 3rd lead story on Tuesday’s network morning newscasts, and--as of this writing--the terror continues to stalk America’s TV-watching public. Will the strike by the Writers’ Guild of America lay siege to our entertainment entitlement? Will we be subjected to reruns, come January, rather than the fresh new programming we so richly deserve?

Turns out our kids may not even notice. A new study by the Parents’ Television Council indicates that the list of top 20 broadcast TV shows watched by America’s 2 to 17 year old viewers this year includes only 7 scripted programs; the rest were reality or game shows.  Seems even our children know how bad television writing can be.

But let’s entertain the concern voiced by those TV newsreaders. What if, indeed, this job action continues?

*We may never know if Grissom’s dominatrix girlfriend ever finds true love on CBS’ CSI.

*We might never be sure if single mom (and NBC Hero) Niki Sanders is ever able to stop stripping for money on her internet porn site.

*How can we be certain that Fox’s Family Guy Peter no longer views his wife to be a “foul, venereal-disease carrying, streetwalking whore?”

*Will the hospital staff of ABC's Grey's Anatomy actually be able to think about...medicine?

Uhh...come to think of it…is there any way we can prolong the writers’ strike?