Wrapping up an unexpected third week of teaching Sunday school to our entire church, I wasn't surprised at the positive response to my subject matter: Israel. My presentation was, ostensibly, a travelogue of sorts: what Mark did on his summer vacation. But the scheduled hour of photos and storytelling became 3 sessions of Bible study and insight into the land where heaven and earth met.


We talked through the Abrahamic and Davidic Covenants…heard the convicting, yet hopeful words of the prophet Ezekiel…and took a jet tour through 4 thousand years of Hebrew history. And along the way, God once again blessed each of us with the kind of insight and perspective only a visit to His land—and His people—can offer.


Certainly, you don't have to visit Israel to walk closely with the Master; many of the saints among us may never have that opportunity, this side of glory. But if you want to see your faith energized, your understanding of God's Word expanded, and your hope restored, I encourage you to consider visiting Israel. I'm living proof that you'll never be the same!


For more info, visit www.goisrael.com