After trying in vain to resist Facebook I find myself joining the mass of people swallowed up in the groundswell checking my "Wall" and updating my "Profile." But I must admit, it's great connecting with people I haven't seen or talked to in years. Technology certainly has its benefits.

So my question going into this sea of social networking is, "How can Facebook have redemptive value in my life?" I don't want to be a non-thinking consumer of technology. As Quentin Schultze argues in his helpful book, Habits of the High-Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age, I want to cultivate biblical virtues in my life so that they influence how I use technology--and, ultimately, determines how technology influences me.

Finally for all you Facebookers, check out Josh Harris' helpful blog post on the topic. He asks some very important questions and gives helpful, biblical counsel on how to be a good steward of our time online.