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Regis Nicoll Christian Blog and Commentary

Can You Handle the Truth?

  • Regis Nicoll
    Regis Nicoll is a Centurion of The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He spent 30 years as a nuclear specialist, and is now a freelance writer who writes on current issues from a Christian perspective. His work regularly appears on BreakPoint online and SALVO magazine among other places. Regis also teaches and speaks on a variety of worldview topics, covering everything from Sharing the Gospel in a Postmodern Generation to String Theory. He currently serves as lay pastor of Hamilton Anglican Fellowship ( in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • 2012 Sep 15
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Any guess as to the leading cause of death worldwide?

Heart disease . . . cancer . . . smoking . . . obesity?

Not even close. At over 43 million deaths annually, the worldwide loss of life from abortion exceeds that of the top 10 other leading causes of death combined. Half of those—roughly 22 million deaths—are from legal abortions.

Twenty-two million people. That’s the population of Australia. Imagine, a whole country, no, continent, exterminated each year, legally. It is genocide on an unprecedented scale.

Just over the last forty years, abortion has claimed the lives of nearly 2 billion unborn children—the world population only a century ago. That this has been going on for so long with little sign of abating is a testimony to our ability to close our eyes to the truth.

For instance, when groups like the World Health Organization report abortion deaths, they only include those of women, tabulated according to “safe” (read: legal) and “unsafe” procedures. That’s because their stated goal is not the reduction of abortion, but its expanded legalization, to make it safer.

But legal or not, abortion is never safe for the central party involved. Instead, our abortive culture has made the mother’s womb, nature’s incubator for new life, the most dangerous place on earth. Liberal reaction to this reality reminds me of one of the most memorable lines in film: “You can’t handle the truth!”

Colonel Nathan R. Jessup’s fulmination in “A Few Good Men” could be fittingly directed at the lifestyle Left. For when confronted with scientific and moral truths, that group responds with suppression, denial, and Orwellian reasoning...Continue reading here.

Continue reading here.