It looks like my two-part article (Part I and Part II) on manhood struck a responsive chord with female readers. One woman said she enjoyed it so much she forwarded it to her husband, brother and nephew. Another, whom I’ll call “Christi,” wrote,

"As a single 35[-year-old] never been married woman, who is successful…I resonate with your article "Man in the Muddle"… Like the screen writer you quoted, I too became [fed] up with the lack of male leadership several years ago…A large part of my generation grew up on the heels of the feminist era that says we don't need a man…Where has this gotten us? Broken families, broken homes, broken relationships, not needing a man is not what God intended…If we would take a moment and get over ourselves and be truly honest as how the Lord made us and the hierarchy of that (yes I wrote hierarchy), then we would realize we are cutting our men off at the knees and creating non-leaders by our own actions…If we would give them a chance to lead then maybe, they would. But how would we ever know if we keep leading them around like we don't need them?"

My sense is that there is a throng of such women who are fed up with today’s man. Whether the feminized metrosexual or the macho-stoic “Dirty Harry,” many men, it seems, are little more than boys in adult bodies who never learned what it means to be a man. (If you peel back a few layers, usually you’ll find a dad who was MIA, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, leaving them without any positive male model.)

 As “Christi” points out, radical feminism is largely to blame. Instead of empowering women, the movement resulted in their exploitation. Male confusion resulting from feminist gender theories led to a generation of passive men who abdicated their leadership role leaving women in the position of being “Mommas,” not for kids, but for the men in their lives. It’s not the job description that many women are willing to sign on to.

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