What to do about the impending global meltdown?

Under the Creation Mandate, efforts to conserve natural resources, optimize energy use and efficiency, recycle, and reduce consumption and consumerism are examples of faithful stewardship. Problem is, say global warming alarmists, such voluntary measures are not sufficient to avert our cataclysmic inferno. Maybe that’s why An Inconvenient Truth pitchman, Al Gore, has not seen fit to reduce the energy consumption of his own residence, which is using 10 percent more energy than a year ago, enough to supply the energy needs of nearly 20 average homes.

What is needed, according to the climate change party line, are governmentally enforced controls like the Kyoto Treaty. But whether or not forced restrictions such as Kyoto are demanded by principles of Christian stewardship really depends on the answers to six questions:

Is the earth warming?
Is warming an overall bad thing?
Is human activity the primary cause?
Would forced standards sufficiently reduce global temperatures?
Would they be cost-effective?
Would forced standards not create more—or more severe—problems than they solve?

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