As the triumvirate of naturalism--Dawkins, Dennett and Harris--go about pronouncing religion terminal, others are predicting that Darwin's "dangerous idea"--long on life-support--is about to have the plug pulled.

According to Dr. John A. Davidson, emeritus experimental researcher in biology, Darwinism "has failed to survive the acid test of experimental verification" and is finished as a theory. How so? In Dr. Davidson's words, "It is now 147 years since the publication of Darwin’s celebrated 'On the Origin of Species,' yet not a single species has been observed to be formed through the mechanism he proposed. That mechanism, the natural selection of randomly produced variations is apparently incompetent to transform contemporary species even into a new member of the same genus. The most intensive artificial selection has also proven to be unable to transcend the species barrier."

As I recall from my graduate radiobiology class, after zillions of generations of radiation-induced mutations on drosophila (the common fruit fly), three things resulted: deformed flies, unchanged flies , and dead flies. What was never observed was a bee, wasp, or sparrow. You're right, Dr. Davidson, the time to put Darwin's fanciful tale to rest is way past due.


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