In light of the “many scientific proofs supporting evolution," Benedict XVI called the controversy between creationism and evolution an “absurdity.” Is the Bishop of Rome abandoning creation ex nihilo for the Darwinian narrative? Hardly, though that’s the impression one might get from a recent news release.

While Pope Benedict gives credit to evolution for our understanding of life, it’s not the “evolution” embraced by the Darwinian faithful or that portrayed by the media.

Like most knowledgeable theists, the Pontiff accepts the validity of limited change and adaptation through genetic variation and natural selection—namely, “micro-evolution.” (The development of pesticide-resistant insects and drug-resistant bacteria are textbook examples.)

What he (like most theists) clearly rejects is the catechistic creed of naturalism that a gradual, unguided process of Nature is responsible for the origin and panoply of life—that is, “macro-evolution.”

That Benedict endorses micro- versus macro-evolution is evident from his statement that while “evolution” answers certain questions about life, it fails to account for how “it took a path that arrived ultimately at man.” Curiously, the news article left out that qualification.

Such carefully chosen excerpts are sure to help religious naysayers overcome their resistance to the genius of Darwin. After all, even the Pope must admit “that evolution can co-exist with faith.”

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