I just received the June issue of Christianity Today, whose cover includes what appears to be a poster shot for the movie Evan Almighty with the hook, “Evan Help Us—How a Movie and a Movement are Partnering with the Church to Change the World.” It piqued my interest.

Evan Almighty is the latest film by Bruce Almighty director Tom Shadyac. Although the film is not due for release until June 22, the movie trailer has been at theaters for some time now. Billed as “A comedy of biblical proportions,” the trailer depictions remind me of a church billboard near my house that reads: ”Laughter. Applause. The Presence of God.” Somehow, I doubt that Moses would agree. If I recall, he was one of the many who were undone, falling prostrate and trembling in God’s presence.

At any rate, the CT cover intrigued me, so I searched for the feature article. It wasn’t to be found. I combed the issue a second time only to find a quarter-page interview with the director, who said his purpose was to “tell a human story and hook people who had some of these questions, thoughts, and frustrations.” I wondered, “What questions, thoughts, and frustrations?” He doesn’t say. I was flummoxed that a short interview warranted a whole cover without addressing “How a Movie and a Movement are Partnering with the Church to Change the World.”

Then I noticed it. In the upper right hand corner of the cover, in tiny print, is the word ”ADVERTISEMENT.” I’d been hoodwinked.

I find it odd that CT sells a faux cover for a sight-unseen movie that, from the trailers at least, treats the biblical narrative glibly. Unsettled by the whole thing, I can’t keep from wondering, “What was CT thinking?”

(What do you think about the CT cover? Post your thoughts here.)