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Sarah Martin

Live It Out

When My God Shows Off

**This post originally appeared on LIVE IT OUT! blog***

Everyday I take my "lunch break" and I catch up on the daily news. (I'm a recovering news junkie) With a mouth full of PB&J on wheat bread, a particular story caught my attention. Maybe it was because this story was not about the latest terror or protests or political scandal. Maybe it was because I was just in a quiet, introspective mood...a mood to really think deep about things during my break from writing that day.

The Comet has a name: Siding Spring. I honestly don't know the significance of that name but I like it. Siding Spring made it's debut on our news cycle this week because after a million years, it was bound for a close encounter with Mars. Did you catch that? For a MILLION years this huge mass of space matter has made it's way through space. And, thanks to modern technology, we have the opportunity spectate the event.

The thought of this ancient comet swirls around my mind and makes it's way to my heart as I make sense of it in my simple minded way...

What is the purpose of this massive universe that we live in yet don't fully experience or see for ourselves?

Why would God create such a universe that expands beyond the knowledge of even the most intelligent of our society? 

What do we, as every day people not employed at NASA, do with the knowledge of the great expanses of our universe created by God Almighty?

What? Why? What

Because HE CAN.

Because HE is God. And we are small. Thank goodness He is God and gives us a glimpse into His big-ness, His grandeur. I feel small. And I should, don't you think? For in my small-ness there is no room for the pride which erupts in my know-it-all heart and mind. There is no room for us to elevate ourselves and our grand plans because it is simply an impossibility. God is BIG and we are small.

That is it. Period.

But, oh in His big-ness and graciousness our Lord is not pre-occupied in the vast universe. No. He reaches down His strong yet comforting arm and loves us...His prized creation.

And He Shows Off.

My God shows off.

Your God shows off.

You see, the comet making it's million year old appearance makes me smile. If God shows His might and power and great-ness through a comet, I am confident He will show off in my life and in yours.



But do we have eyes to see and hearts to recognize His glory when it is right in front of us?

Today I'm looking for God to show off in even the mundane in my life. I'm looking for His favor as He pours out joy and peace when I need that grounding as my mind spins in turmoil even when I perform tasks as unloading the dishwasher. I'm looking at God showing off as I hear the sweet breaths of my six year old who finally settles down and rests after a long day of play and school. I'm looking for God to show off when I come to Him with my need for approval and acceptance. He whispers through His Word and into my heart that I am approved and accepted no matter what.

Let us not forget that our Great God does not need our applause or our adoration when He shows off. No. He doesn't need it, but wants it. There is something that releases in us when we put aside our own ego and make much of Jesus. We have the privilege of joining in with the heavenlies to praise the One who makes the earth spin, the moon reflect, the sun radiate, the stars burst with beauty.

Yes. My God shows off daily.

Yes. Your God shows off big time.

O Eternal, our Lord, Your majestic name is heard throughout the earth; Your magnificent glory shines far above the skies. {Psalm 8:1 The Voice}

Will you stop today and thank Him for His big-ness and for your own small-ness? He is worthy of our notice and admiration.

How is God showing off in your life today? What challenges do you find in opening your heart and mind to see with faith-filled eyes His goodness? I would love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment!
photo credit: Adam Foster | Codefor via photopin cc

Online study graphic

***Don't forget! The Just RISE UP! online study starts November 3! It's not too late to sign up and take part. CLICK HERE for info.

***Originally posted on LIVE IT OUT! blog by Sarah Martin***

I thought I would take just a moment to share some thoughts on why I put pen to paper almost daily... in my journal. This is a big part of my time with the Lord. My journal is messy. There are pages ripped out and scribbled on. There is really even no sense of order. But that is ok! Do you have a journal? Let me see if I can convince you in putting pen to paper for yourself as you interact with Scripture.


journal 2

Writing in a journal is critical for me when I'm interacting with God's word. It keeps me focused. I often doodle Scripture that I'm reading or write prayers or just bullet points of what stuck out to me. I have so many journals! I wrote Just RISE UP! to be interactive as we converse with the Lord and dig into His Word. So! I encourage you to journal through it!

This is where the rubber meets the road in any of our interactions with God’s Word. First, that we sit quietly in prayer asking God’s Spirit to speak to us through Scripture. Secondly, that we do our part to interact and that comes through using our senses! Really.

Hearing: When we read the word aloud.

Sight: reading the Word with our eyes and with our hearts.

Touch: feel the words as we physically write out Scripture or our prayers. (Well that’s not all of our five senses, but you know what I mean.)

Sometimes we just don't feel like it, right? I know I'm not the only one who feels blah about faith sometimes. (getting real here, friends!) Here is what the Lord has taught me...

Just SHOW UP! When we show up and make ourselves available, God will do His glorious thing with our blah. When we come to Him even when we don't wanna, because we know that He is WORTHY, the Lord will bless that. He who authored our heart and knows every twist and turn of emotions will kindly hold our hands and speak to us when we just show up.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy but I (Jesus!) have come to give you life abundantly. {John 10:10) you need to just show up today in the Word knowing that He is worthy? 

It is OK to be raw and real with the LORD.
This is where journaling is helpful. We can scribble and hash things out on the page with a prayerful intention of taking our doubts, fears, trust issues, questions...anything to the Lord. And, you know what?

He CAN handle it! So hand it over.

When we offer up even our most raw feelings to Him this opens the door for meaningful conversation between us and the Almighty.

So have I convinced you to journal in your prayer time and Bible study? If so, you can join me in a journey of interacting with Scripture through Just RISE UP!


To get you started, here is a printable of a journal cover that I painted with you in mind. Click HERE to download the link to print off the image. So fun!


journal download

Also! I would love for you to join me on the Just RISE UP! Online study that begins November 3rd! Click  HERE for more information. This is a go at your own pace type of study. You can join in while in your p.j's or at work or really anywhere as we RISE UP together to make Jesus famous. All you need is a copy of Just RISE UP!, your Bible, and a journal.

Above all else day 17

***This article was originally posted on LIVE IT OUT! Click HERE for more from Sarah Martin

Jumping in feet first. That is the best way to describe my attitude and actions before God started reigning me in and telling me to keep my head down. You see, it is in my nature to forge my own path. When I get a "great" idea, I'm all in. But, as I've splashed in the pool making a mess with water all around me, God is faithful anyway. He grabs my hand, pulls me out, wraps a towel around me and says, sit...child. Sit still for my ways are higher. I own the high way, the best paths. 

The past few years the Lord in His sweet, high way leads me down paths where I am challenged to quietly grip His hand and take one step at a time. Feet first with big splashes is not my motive any longer. For, those big splashes only serve to cause noise in my life; distract from His grace and Higher way. So, I look to God's most right path in expectation that road will lead to more gratifying kingdom success.

Press In, Pour Out, Pour Forth

The Eternal is right in all His ways, and He is kind in all His acts. (Psalm 145:17)

If we were to search a handful of Bible translations we would see a few different words in place of kind. We would take in the words holy and gracious to describe our Lord and all of His acts and works. Oh in His ultimate purpose for the universe, our God takes us into account. He is kind in how He deals with us though we are not deserving. He is gracious to pour out blessings and pour out Himself (Jesus!) for us though we nailed Him to the cross. He is ever holy and righteous. Period.

Lord! Even when the road ahead is foggy and uncertain...we praise Your high way.

Lord! We take your hand daily walk in in the Your footsteps, Your gracious and trustworthy footsteps.

Lord! We slow down, even sit down on this journey when tempted to chase ahead of Your timing.

Lord! As we journey on your High way, let us see more and more and more of Your goodness...and we will make much of You along the way.


Will your feast today lead you to choose His high way? Go for it...God is good.