BreakPoint recently posted on it's website and article I wrote last year for it's magazine about my Dad and a great American pastime... the Pinewood Derby.

After I left the scouts I gradually forgot about the Pinewood Derby. Life goes on, and I wasn’t exactly the camp-craft type. Yet my dad didn’t forget. He mentioned it when he spoke at my graduation. (I graduated as part of a homeschool group in a "class" of five. All of our dads said a few words.) He talked about how we had worked on the car together and how he was just as excited as I was when we won the race.

For some reason this incident stands out in my mind as a prime example of what being a dad is all about. Of course, over the years, my dad did many more important things for me than help me build a little wooden race car. He worked long hours at often thankless jobs to provide for my brothers and me. He taught me the meaning of honor and self-sacrifice. But helping me build a winning race car is somehow seared into my mind...

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