This thought provoking piece from BreakPoint's Catherine Clare:

On Sunday evening I was driving to church around 4:00 and saw that I had a message from my brother to call him back. My brother, who also happens to be my pastor, had the tone of a man on a mission. He asked, “What are your plans for the evening?” I told him that I was planning on going to church and then heading to a Super Bowl party with some friends. Then came his question, “Will you forsake the Super Bowl for the Gospel...?”

 A last-minute change in itinerary meant that a visiting Rwandan Anglican bishop and his wife needed picked up from the airport (coinciding with the Super Bowl—hence the question) and lodging for the night, as they traveled from Orlando to Dulles to depart early the next morning for Africa. Living near the airport, I was the perfect pick for such a job.

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