One of my favorite writers, Thomas Hibbs, takes a look at the movie God Grew Tired of Us. The documentary chronicles the lives of three refugees from war-torn Sudan, moving first to Kenya, and then to the United States. Says Hibbs:

The film’s restraint and sobriety render it a powerful vehicle for communicating the horrors of genocide, a realistic appraisal of America as a land of second chances, and a moving depiction of the irrepressible work ethic and deep religious faith of the refugees.

And then...

The power of the faith of the refugees is clear from their undaunted hope in the face of the horrors they have witnessed. One young man describes how, because of his height, at the age of 13 he was put in charge of 1,200 young persons. His first lesson was “how to bury the dead bodies.”

Films like this are often difficult to watch, but it so important that American Christians understand and address these troubling situations in other countries.

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