My book Do I Know God? Finding Certainty in Life's Most Important Relationship is now available in Spanish.

I wrote Do I Know God? to answer two basic questions: 1) is God knowable, and, if He is, 2) how can I know that I know Him. In the book I say that if you don't know God, He wants you to know it. And if you do know God, He wants you to know it. The two things God does not want is for you to think you know Him if you don't and for you to think you don't know Him if you do. Knowing that you belong to God-having a deep sense of your eternal security-not only provides a sure and steadfast anchoring for your soul, but it radically changes the way you live here and now. There's nothing more vital, nothing more satisfying, than knowing God and knowing that you know God.

So, if you know a Spanish speaking friend or family member who is unclear about their relationship with God, this little book is now available.