In Spring of 2010 my next book Surprised by Grace: God's Relentless Pursuit of Rebels, will be released by Crossway publishers. The book is based on my sermons from Jonah. Here is the publishers description:

As Christians today keep struggling to fully grasp the gospel's incredible breadth and power—both for themselves and for the changing world around them—Surprised by Grace carries a liberating message that forces us to come to grips with the shocking extent of God's compassion and mercy.

This astounding truth is something God pressed into the epic life-story of a man who defiantly resisted it. His true story is retold in Surprised by Grace, a gripping presentation that will open your eyes wider than ever to God's relentless and inexhaustible grace.

We are trying to choose between two very different covers. Click here to see the covers and let me know what you think.