As I prepare to preach my own father's funeral today at 3 pm (a surreal and unique privilege-please pray for me), I was helped by these words from Charles Spurgeon in a blog post by my friend Justin entitled "Here and There":

Charles Spurgeon on life "here" vs. what life will be like "there"
"Here, my best joys bear "mortal" on their brow;
My fair flowers fade;
my dainty cups are drained to dregs;
my sweetest birds fall before Death's arrows;
my most pleasant days are shadowed into nights;
and the flood tides of my bliss subside into ebbs of sorrow."

"But there," he writes,
"everything is immortal
The harp remains in tune,
the crown unfading,
the eye undimmed,
the voice unfaltering,
the heart unwavering;
and the immortal being is wholly absorbed in infinite delight."