[from Saturday night in preparation for Sunday worship]

Tonight I am reminded of how good God is to give us one day in seven where we get to rest from the activities of this world so that we may engage in the activities of the world to come. The people at New City have heard me say this many times: when we gather together as the people of God on Sunday mornings, we do so not to escape the real world, but to be reminded by God that this present world in its fallen state is not all there is.

The Bible makes it clear that even though we enjoy one day in seven to “rest” from our earthly activities, there is still a rest that remains to be fulfilled (Heb. 4:9). It is the final rest when every day will be a holy day; when every day will be a heavenly day. Until the glory of the Lord fills the earth as the waters fill the sea, until the Kingdom of this world becomes the Kingdom of our Lord and His Christ, every day is not holy. This is the reason that we need Sunday’s—to give us a one-day taste of our future so that we can persevere through the rest of the week. When we worship together on Sunday’s (the Lord’s Day) we enjoy and experience an intrusion of “heaven in the real world.” It is the future being brought into the present. It is in and through our worship together that we, as a church, enter into the very “suburbs of heaven” and get a weekly taste of what will eventually be permanent and eternal. Isn’t that amazing? What a gift!

For a rich meditation to help you prepare for tomorrow read Hebrews 12:22-24.