I don’t know much about A.B. Simpson (1843-1919) except that he was the founder of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. I’ve never read anything he’s written. I did discover today, however, that he was raised in the Calvinistic, Scottish Presbyterian and Puritan tradition and that he was converted under the ministry of Henry Guinness (the great-grandfather of Os Guinness) who was a visiting evangelist from Ireland during the revival of 1859.

Anyway, the reason I bring up A.B. Simpson is because after hearing my sermon yesterday on how God has historically ushered in revival through unfashionable people who are desperate for God, a friend sent me these words from Simpson which God has used this morning to embolden me and strengthen my faith as we move closer to the finish line regarding this merger between New City and Coral Ridge. I myself even used the illustration of God delivering his people at the Red Sea, pressed from every side, without ever having read Simpson’s words. Amazing! He wrote: 

How did God bring about the miracle of the Red Sea? By shutting His people in on every side so that there was no way out but the divine way. The Egyptians were behind them, the sea was in front of them, the mountains were on both sides of them. There was no escape but from above. Someone has said that the devil can wall us in, but he cannot roof us over. We can always get out at the top. Our difficulties are but God’s challenges, and many times He makes them so hard that we must get above them or go under. In the Providence of God, such an hour furnishes us with the highest possibilities for faith. We are pushed by the very emergency into God’s best. Beloved, this is God’s hour.