When it comes to social science (the technical term for the academic discipline of cultural analysis) there isn't anyone more capable and qualified than Dr. James Davison Hunter. He is one of the leading social scientists in the world today and he happens to be an Evangelical Christian. Dr. Hunter came to Reformed Theological Seminary to teach a class while I was a student and it was one of the best classes I took in seminary. The class was entitled "The Cultural Quandaries of Late Modernity" and proved to be both probing and practical.

He teaches at the University of Virgina and also heads up the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture. The following article is a transcript of a lecture he gave at the Trinity Forum on how to think about cultural change. This lecture eventually turned into his new book To Change the World-a book that promises, in the words of my friend John Seel, "to change the entire conversation."

The article is a bit heady, but definitely worth working through. This is the kind of hard thinking about culture that Christians need to do. For too long we've fancied ourselves to be "culturally relevant" if we can simply identify the latest "cultural fads" and then mimic them. Hunter goes way beyond this. If you care about understanding our times, read this article-and then buy the book!