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Billy Graham Response Team Heading Home After Two-Year Effort in Haiti

The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team has completed a 22-month deployment to Haiti, after arriving within 24 hours of the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake.

Clinton: Religious Objections Do Not Trump LGBT Rights

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said religious convictions should not trump gay rights.

What Everybody Ought to Know About the Military Bible Ban

It came as a shock last week to learn that Bibles had been banned at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Another Earth?

Reports were paraded out this week about a newly discovered planet that is similar to Earth, meaning potentially ideal for life.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • December 08, 2011 |
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Atheists Who Go to Church: Doing It For the Kids

17 percent of scientists who describe themselves as either atheists or agnostics actually go to church sometimes -- for the kids.

Women, Stop Submitting to Men

Those of us who hold to so-called “traditional gender roles” are often assumed to believe that women should submit to men. This isn’t true.

Trashy MTV Reality Shows Primarily Use Women to Trash Women

A new study of MTV's reality shows finds women engage in a whopping 88 percent of the shows’ sexual dialogue, insult each other much more than the men.

U.S. to Use Foreign Aid to Promote Gay Rights

The Obama administration announced an effort to use U.S. foreign aid to promote rights for gays and lesbians abroad.

Christians Minister to Earthquake Victims in Van, Turkey

An Iranian Christian organization is providing relief to victims of the devastating earthquake that hit on Oct. 23.

Tests Don't Always Count What Should Be Counted

What do you think about standardized tests?

Islamic Rioters Attack Christian Shops in Northern Iraq

A group of Islamic extremists attacked and burned Christian-owned businesses in a town in the once-safe Kurdish region.

Billy Graham Released From Hospital

Evangelist Billy Graham returned to his North Carolina home Tuesday after a six-day stay in a nearby hospital where he was treated for pneumonia.

First-Ever National Choir Appreciation Sunday Scheduled

The first-ever National Choir Appreciation Sunday, a day for churches across America to celebrate their choirs, will take place Jan. 8, 2012.

China Forced-Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng Reported Alive

Reports in October indicated that the blind human rights activist had been killed while under house arrest, but a source says he is still alive.

N.J. Hospital Agrees Not to Force Nurses to Assist in Abortions

Additional staff will be hired to help perform abortions after 12 pro-life nurses filed suit for being forced to assist in the procedure.

Circle of Friends Key to Adopting Healthy Habits

Interested in adopting healthier habits? You have a better chance of success if you find a friend with similar traits to share the experience, a new study suggests.

VIDEO: Call the Children!

Now, I want to share something fun and educational with you.

Study: Atheists More Distrusted Than Rapists?

A recent study found that atheists are the most distrusted type of people in North America.

Sexting Numbers Among Teens Lower Than Thought

Teen sexting is a real problem, but not the pervasive scourge some reports have suggested, according to the first detailed national study on youths who share sexual images on phones and the Internet.

What Andy Rooney Thought Every Child Needed

Although he struck many of us as something of a curmudgeon, I enjoyed watching and reading Andy Rooney over the years.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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