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The Boss of the House

Dear Roger, Is the Bible's teaching on husbands as the "head of the house" still relevant today?

Do All Dogs Really Go to Heaven?

A reader wonders how to Pastor Roger trains his dogs. Roger answers him, then discusses if all dogs really do go to heaven.

Final Cut: How Were the Books of the New Testament Chosen?

With so many writings to choose from, a reader wanted to know the criteria for selecting which books were included in the Bible, and which were omitted.

How to Recognize the End Times

I've listed the basic prophetical books and passages in order to help make a study of the end times a little easier.

How Do We Know God's Will in Our Life?

Dear Roger, How do we know God's will in our life?

How to be a Spiritual Father (or Mother)

Mature spiritual dads care for God’s flock while enjoying an intimate relationship with Jesus.

When Should I Stop Praying for Healing?

Dear Roger, How many times must I pray for someone to be healed? Frankly, I get rather tired of it sometimes. Is there a limit to how many times we should pray for someone’s healing?

The Greatest Tragedy in the Christian Church

Do you find yourself in a church filled with spiritual children? Even teenagers recognize the hypocrisy and indeed the tragedy of Christians who refuse to grow and mature.

How Will I Know When God's the One Who's Speaking?

God’s voice is not the only voice that speaks. Self and Satan can both wreak havoc in the lives of Christians who are unable to distinguish among the three.

Are You a Christian Racist?

Dear Roger, I was recently asked when people of skin tone other than white as an indicator of racial or ethnic affiliation first appeared in the Bible. Was it before the Tower of Babel?

Could Heaven be in Outer Space?

The idea of what’s "out there" has puzzled mankind since ancient times. It puzzles still today.

The Heart of the Abused

Last week I received an insightful poem from a woman abused. She shares of her shattered life, and of the hope and wholeness that came from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Should I Cremate My Mom and Dad?

Dear Roger, My husband and I would like to be cremated after our deaths. Is there scripture regarding our decision?

What If My Husband Won't Let Me Tithe?

Hi Roger, I make significantly more money than my husband. I want to be able to tithe on the money I make and he doesn't want me to.

How Can Two Families Be Blended Successfully?

Dear Roger, We’ve recently remarried after the failure of our first marriages. How can we successfully blend our two families into one?

Did Jesus Die for the Whole Universe?

Dear Roger, If life exists on other planets, did Jesus die and resurrect for them, too?

The Lust of the Eyes: How Pornography Affects Relationships

Dear Roger, My boyfriend would rather go to porn sites than have sex with me. What is wrong here? What do I need to do?

Waking Up in Hell: Why Do I Suffer?

Early in my ministry I put together a biblical checklist to help me to understand why I was suffering.

How Do I Get My Love for Jesus Back?

Dear Roger, Why am I not getting the same message and enthusiasm that I have for years? How do I pray to get my spirit-filled life back?

Will God Bring Vengeance on My Cheating Husband?

Dear Roger, After 23 years of marriage and three very godly kids, my husband cheated on me. I need to know that God will discipline him.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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