Author:     Donna Partow
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Everyone has experienced disappointments in life, so a book like This Isn’t the Life I Signed Up For…But I’m Finding Hope and Healing speaks to a wide audience.  Inside its covers, readers can consider many different types of heartache--such as unfulfilled longings for close relationships and vibrant health, and regret about foolish choices (both their own and those of other people).

Author Donna Partow writes with appealing vulnerability about her own struggles and those of people she’s encountered while speaking at conferences across North America.  Readers get the feeling that she would understand the struggles they’re dealing with in their own lives, even if she doesn’t touch on their specific situations in the book.

Partow’s writing is so refreshingly honest that it’s a shame she interrupts her own narrative too frequently with other people’s words.  Throughout the text, she inserts long excerpts from Scripture and devotional books, quoting them at such length that the reader has to wonder why more succinct excerpts wouldn’t suffice.

Still, the book successfully conveys a message of hope to readers who are disillusioned with their lives.  And in its last chapter, “I Signed Up to Make a Difference,” the book convincingly encourages readers to stop moping about their problems and start using them to grow.  God views success far differently than the world does.  So, Partow writes, no matter how disappointing a particular life may seem, if the person living it is faithful, he or she is ultimately successful.  That’s a message lots of people need to hear.

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