Queen of the Damned - R

Best for: People who are into bad vampire movies.

What it's about: The legendary vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend), determined to step into the limelight and reveal who he is, reinvents himself as a rock star who intoxicates fans with his singing and turns teenage girls into willing prey. Unfortunately, Lestat has accidentally awakened Akasha (Aaliyah), an ancient queen and mother of all vampires, who wants to seize dominion over the world. Marguerite Moreau, Matthew Newton, Vincent Perez and Lena Olin also star.

The good: Aaliyah looks beautiful in her last role.

The not-so-good: Everything else about this movie. Rock star vampires? The plot is weak, the dialogue weaker, and the entire movie is depressing. I find it interesting and haunting that the last role Aaliyah performed was that of "queen of the damned." What a strange, sad celluloid epithet.

Offensive language: Lots of it.

Sexual situations: Vampires drink blood from each other and appear to be sexually aroused. Lots and lots of sexual and seductive overtones, including implied homosexuality. Skimpy clothing on women reveals almost nude body parts but no full nudity.

Violence: I can't begin to list it all. Screams, agonizing writhing, heads cut off, torture and lots of vampires going up in smoke, topped off by a scene that shows Aaliyah ripping out a man's heart and then eating it. Yuk!

Parental advisory: This is not a tribute to a rock star that had great promise. Keep your young (and old) teenage fans of Aaliyah away from this one!

Bottom line: This is a horrible example of a horror film. Don't waste your money or curiosity on this one!