Here we are with the results of our 2nd Annual Music Awards. We accepted nominations from visitors to our site from around the world, narrowing down all that we received to five in each category. Your votes on the finalists were then collected to come up with these results.

It's amazing how similar the results were to last year. (See what happened last year by clicking here!) dc Talk's ==Supernatural== project and tour kept them in the forefront of their fan's minds. Steven Curtis Chapman had a huge year with ==Speechless==, landing three songs from that project in our top ten vote-getters. Michael W. Smith is huge artist that fans seem to continually gravitate toward, with his ==This Is Your Time== a clear favorite across the board.

I wish we could announce some amazing, cutting-edge, sleeper-type winners that would position us as the advant-garde, "cool internet dudes." But alas, we're resigned to report that the favorites of the masses of visitors to the Music Channel at, are indeed the most popular. The people have spoken.

Feel free to safely check out our New Artist of the Year, {{Sonicflood}}, and know that you'll soon find them as one of your favorites as well. Congrats to Modern Day John, selected as the favorite Indie Artist in this new category, they're sure to capture a wider audience in the very near future.

Without further delay, the winners of the 2nd Annual Music Awards are...

1. {{dc Talk}}
2. {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}
3. {{Third Day}}

1. ==Speechless== -- {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}
2. ==This Is Your Time== -- {{Michael W. Smith}}
3. ==Underdog== -- {{Audio Adrenaline}}

1. "This Is Your Time" from ==This Is Your Time== -- {{Michael W. Smith}}
2. "Consume Me" from ==Supernatural== -- {{dc Talk}}
3. "Dive" from ==Speechless== -- {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}

1. {{Sonicflood}}
2. {{FFH}}
3. {{Raze}}

1. {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}
2. {{Michael W. Smith}}
3. Toby McKeehan of {{dc Talk}}

1. {{Michael W. Smith}}
2. Toby McKeehan of {{dc Talk}}
3. {{Charlie Peacock}}

1. "Consume Me" from ==Supernatural== -- {{dc Talk}}
2. "This Is Your Time" from ==This Is Your Time== -- {{Michael W. Smith}}
3. "Dive" from ==Speechless== -- {{Steven Curtis Chapman}}

1. {{dc Talk}}
2. {{Newsboys}}
3. The "A" Tour w/{{Avalon}}, {{Anointed}}, and {{Nichole Nordeman}}

1. Modern Day John
2. Cross Connected
3. {{Andrew Peterson}}

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