Artist:    BarlowGirl
Label:    Fervent

BarlowGirl, the trio comprised of sisters Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow, is credited with inspiring “Barlow Girls,” a song that first appeared on Superchic[k]’s debut, "Karaoke Superstars." And after listening to this teen-issue-oriented album, it’s not hard to see why these young ladies have had such a positive impact. That’s because seemingly anything that could potentially trouble young adults is somehow covered throughout the course of this CD.

For example, the danger of putting too much stock in celebrities is addressed on “Pedestal,” while the way feminine clothes only seem fit for the rail-thin bodies of supermodels is woven into the lyrical fabric of “Clothes.” Later, on “Superstars,” listeners are reminded that they don’t need to be famous in order to be true “stars” for God.

While addressing relevant issues is a great alternative to the pop-culture norm, after a while BarlowGirl’s non-stop social commentary gets to be a little overwhelming. The group’s debut may be a sharply produced pop/rock effort, but good intentions can occasionally get lost in the mix when the message feels a little heavy handed.

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