Artist:   Starflyer 59
Label:   Tooth & Nail  Records

After providing a musical trip down memory lane with a nod to the Beach BoysPet Sounds era on its last disc Leave Here a Stranger, Starflyer 59 is back with a brief but satisfying helping of what it does best--crafting dreamy, atmospheric three-and-a-half minute pop gems.

In what’s been a long legacy of songwriting, it’s a surprise that Jason Martin hasn’t become more of a household name.  A master of the musical hook, Martin pens earnest songs like “West Coast Friendship” and “Happy Birthday John” that resonate with lilting vocals and interesting chord progressions. 

Waxing poetic like some of the best bands that surprisingly creep into Top 40 radio á la Coldplay and Dashboard Confessional, Starflyer 59 proves once again on Can’t Stop Eating that pop songs can have substance and style--a combination that doesn’t come along very often in pop music.

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