If you glance at the tabloid covers, all celebrities are spoiled, vain spotlight seekers. The new website celebrityvalues.com would take issue with that.

The unique portal offers a place to explore the causes that celebrities care about most. Highlighting the good deeds of actors, athletes and musicians, the site gives information on a variety of causes and then goes a step farther, letting you know how you can get involved.

So what does this have to do with Christian music? Well, right there among the Brad Pitts and No Doubts and Bonos are several of Christian music's finest. Jars of Clay and Switchfoot are both lauded for their work in support of the ONE Campaign and an image of Amy Grant appears in the home-page banner. (Oddly, though, there is no mention of blood:water mission, the nonprofit founded by Jars of Clay and doing great work in Africa.)

Celebrityvalues.com was launched by Children In Need, a nonprofit devoted to raising awareness and understanding of issues that impact children and committed to encouraging people to help kids in need.

The Seattle-based organization publishes reports on issues that affect children ranging from gender discrimination and sexual exploitation to the affect of armed conflicts on children.

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