Artist:  Red Cloud
Title:  Hawthorne’s Most Wanted
Label:  Syntax

For those waiting for a big Christian hip-hop “crossover” artist, the wait may well be over.

With a fervor that’s undeniable, Red Cloud digs into his past as a former gang member to deliver the message of hope found on his third full-length album, Hawthorne’s Most Wanted.

Backed by the spectacular production of DJ Wise, enough samples to keep listeners guessing where they first heard them, an impressive line-up of guest appearances and the distribution force of KOCH Entertainment, HMW is poised to reach a large audience and leave a lasting impact. The dark and somewhat mysterious sound that dominates his earlier releases has morphed into a more accessible style, but HMW lacks nothing by way of impact and authenticity.

The opening tracks draw listeners in, and by the time the steady and penetrating rhythm of “Guns and Roses” kicks in, they’re hooked. Tracks like “Boulevard Knights” and “Songs They Sang” add nicely to the variety found sprinkled throughout the strong album.

Red Cloud has managed to stay true to his roots—as an artist, a man and a Christian—with Hawthorne’s Most Wanted, which is sure to be one of the more talked about hip-hop albums this year.    


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