Brandon:  In Jonesboro, Ark.

Dave:  Big show tonight!

Brandon:  I think 5,000.

Dave:  Bring it on!

Brandon:  Well, you said earlier you wrote 50 songs. What was the process like, as far as working with Mac? And I know that Mac produced the record. … So how was it narrowing down the songs to 12? Tell me about that process.

Dave:  It’s not easy. You know, I think we as a band, we feel like we need someone producing. Some bands do it themselves. We all write. So as soon as we finish a song, we kind of give it up and give it to the band. We’re all pretty equal in what we share in the band. So it’s great to have an outside voice going, “This is cool; this isn’t. This group of songs is the direction the album should take.” It’s hard. They’re your babies. You love them even if they’re ugly. Whittling them down is not easy, but we enjoy the songwriting process and the studio process as well. It’s good having someone like Mac who can just [be] honest. And it took him a while, ‘cause we were friends first; and so we just needed to say, “Dude, be honest, we can take it. And if the song is terrible, we need to know. We don’t want to put it on the record.”

Brandon:  It takes a lot of trust and honesty.

Dave:  And I think you can tell the quality of a record by the quality on the cutting room floor. I feel like we had 20 to 25 really good songs. And by getting rid of half of them, hopefully that means the record is even stronger.

Brandon:  And the A&R process is the hardest part. You are trying to pare down. … Will it work commercially? And would it also [work with what] your message is about as a band? Introduce us to the band; there’s four of you guys.

Dave:  Classic four piece. I’m on vocals. We have Ty on guitar, Rich on bass, Mike on drums. All easy one-syllable names!

Brandon:  And you are Dave. …

Dave:  Yes, I’m Dave.

Brandon:  How long have you been playing together?

Dave:  Well, we started out—Ty and myself—just bashing around on acoustic guitars. … We weren’t very good. I don’t know how we got booked, but good friends of ours ran youth groups around the city and they’d book us to play for $50. We said, “We get paid for this? Sweet.” And we would play a few covers and a few of our songs, sometimes twice. I don’t know what it was like for you starting out, but we’re like, “30-minute set? We have to play every song four times!” And it’s so funny! We had a good time doing that, and surprisingly, we got booked more and more. We made a little record, like a 5-track EP. We sold them all. It was 500 or 1,000; I can’t remember. With that money, we wanted to make a full band record. Then when we got in the studio as a full band, we had so much fun, we were like, “We should do this full band thing.” So we found Rich at our church. He’s the kind of guy who was playing in 15 bands. He was playing in trios, rock bands, worship bands and wedding bands. He wanted to join and become a full member, instead of getting the $15 a night or whatever we were paying him … terrible! So we said, “If you want to play with us, it has to be exclusive; and you have to say good-bye to the other bands.” And then we found Mike on drums. He was young when he joined, maybe 18. He was playing in the worship band at church. We always knew he was a great drummer. So we have had the current line-up for five or six years.

Brandon:  Where did you come up with the name Revive?