Michael: We feel like it’s the perfect little situation. I love to sing. I love people; they’re my oxygen. My dad was a pastor, and it’s in my heart … Then Pete did the stage thing because he wrote these wonderful songs and the band was working. So he made it really clear that he’d rather not do that. He’s back home now, [and we’ll still be] working together, writing together, producing together—being creative. It works well, because we’re both doing what we enjoy.

Duncan:  It’ll actually be a way more effective and efficient newsboys if that makes sense.

CCM:  What does this mean for the long-term future of newsboys as far as future recordings? I know that the new record is already done. But on the next studio record, for instance, Michael, how involved will you be in that process?

Michael:  I want to be as involved as I can creatively. But if Jeff writes 10 songs, and none of us write any more at all, I’m happy with that. What I know for sure is Jeff will be playing all the keyboards while I’ll be doing all the vocals—that kind of thing. It’ll mostly be vocals and sort of lead stuff I’ll be doing. I’ll be working with Pete and these guys on creating the new sound. I’m not changing all along what we’ve had there, but, of course, me being Michael Tait and even African-American will add a flair to it; and that’s part of the beauty of it. And we’ll see which road it takes—with dcTalk and the newsboys, so to speak.

CCM:  For the next recording, will Peter do any lead vocal work at all?

Michael:  Who knows?

Duncan:  We don’t know what it’s going to look like at the moment, but I would think that probably …

Michael:  toby and Kevin could join us… [Laughs] Our first show in Dallas, we were just absolutely encouraged. There was a mistake here and there, but for the most part, the people wrapped me in love and support. And you would have thought I [had been] there the entire time.

CCM:  Are you going to still try to pursue some of your solo stuff, or are you going to put that on hold at this point?

Michael:  For the “ccm” marketplace, newsboys is my home for sure. But if I get called by Sting or Seal … this boy ain’t gonna say “no.” [Laughs]

CCM:  This album also marks the return of Jody Davis who used to play with you guys. So it’s kind of a reunion of sorts.

Duncan:  You know, it really is. Jody left the band about five years ago … And we just called him up out of the blue and said, “Hey Jody. What do you think?” And he was way into it, and he just came on board. You know what the great thing is? It’s kind of the same thing with Mike as well … Jody came back, and instantly we had this feeling of brotherhood. It’s like being away from your wife for five years, and then you’re back with her after that amount of time. You know, being in a band is kind of like a marriage of sorts. You come together, and there are times when you definitely spend more time with these boys than you do with your spouse. And Jody was fantastic. He just came back and took off exactly where we left off. And he’s actually singing better and playing better than he ever has. He’s an incredible asset, and we’re just stoked to have him back in the band.

Jeff:  Well, with Jody, he was in the band for 10 years, and it was sad to see him go when he left. I know for me, the last couple of weeks, there’s been times when I’ve looked to the side of the stage, and I saw Jody over there and I was like, “Whoa!” You know, we have a lot of history together and a lot of great memories together from 10 years ago, even 15 years ago. It’s pretty cool to have him back with us again.