Does the theme of community also apply to the fact that you worked with multiple producers on this album as opposed to just one producer?

That was totally organic, beause we started it with David Garcia and we started to record songs and to write songs with other writers. And for the most part, whoever I wrote the song with produced the song. I thought that was cool. I just love how easy it all was, and I felt like I was creating these relationships with these writers and producers. And whatever made sense to do for that song, it felt like everybody was kind of just in on what was best for the project and the song.

Before your album releases this month, you’re beginning to compete on The Sing-off on NBC. Undoubtedly lots of your fans are going to be wondering what in the world you’re doing on this show.

It really is out of nowhere that I’m on this show! And it’s not just for fans; it’s for me, too. I was approached about a month before we started taping by a friend named Jeremy Lister who won second place last season on The Sing-Off with a group called Street Corner Symphony. And he called basically right before the show started. The producer went to Jeremy and said, “You know we want some more groups, some kind of different themes and different angles of groups.” And so he was like, "Why don’t I call a bunch of solo artists from Nashville that have never sung a cappella before?" And obviously they thought that was going to be a disaster, and I did, too [laughs]. But we all kind of just gave it a shot. Nine of us showed up in a friend’s basement and gave it a shot, and we were a little rusty [but] not too rusty to make it on to the show. We just kind of recorded a little bit of it and sent it off to the producer. And they loved it. I think they just loved the fact that it was a bunch of Nashville solo artists with fan bases and names.

It’s funny because it is a competition, but the whole show feels like a big camaraderie party where people are just rooting for each other. And we wanted to say that as a group, and so our group’s called The Collective. We wanted to say that music is not all about competition, and we’re going to go on a competition show to say we’re just here to do our best and to see what happens and just do great music and share it. So yeah, we found ourselves on the show and we’re trucking through it. Some weeks are easier than others. So basically we shoot a show a week, and sometimes our songs are chosen for us and sometimes they’re not. And sometimes we have a little bit to do with the selection process. But really we get a new song a week, and we have to figure out how to make it into an a cappella song. It’s been totally random for all of us to be in this position, but it’s cool because you will be able to kind of watch our progression on the show and also they give a chance to really talk about our journey and like what we’re really facing . . . the challenges we’re facing and all of that. It’s a cool little time for my fans and our fans and then new fans to kind of get to know our little Nashville crowd.

Did you know any of the other group members of The Collective before you were formed?

Yes. I knew a girl named Ruby Amanfu who is a part of a group called Sam & Ruby. She actually sang background on my record Kaleidoscope which was when I was 16, so like 2001 or 2002. And she’s also sung on some other records of mine, so I’ve known her. I know Sam Brooker who’s the other half of that group. And then actually everybody else was totally new to me.