So there are other believers in The Collective besides yourself?

Yes, there are.  There’s a lot, so that was a good little support system around me.

Do you feel like your years of not recording and touring really prepared you to naturally shine your light in this type of setting?

Totally. Just being a friend, too. I had to relearn how to just be a friend with people and so I think that also is showing now. Now that I’m out doing it again, it feels different because I feel like I’m friends with my producers and friends with my writers and with the people around me.

Let’s say that The Collective does win The Sing-Off. That means you’ll win a recording contract and release an album, right?

Yes. As The Collective, yes. And I think either way, I think we’re probably putting out something just because we’ve all enjoyed it. But yeah, we’re not really sure what that all means toward the end of it.

So that could be a whole new chapter for your career.

It will. I think we’re all solo artists, and we all have yet to have that conversation of how much, how little, how much is it going to interfere with what we have going on. So far, I’m the only one in the group with a record coming out this year. So I’m kind of in the tightest position as far as time and all of that, but it always works itself out. It’s going to be a fun year, and it will be a lot of work and I’m up for it.

Your album comes out the week following The Sing-Off’s premiere. Is that right?

Yes. The premiere of the show is September 19 and my first episode is September 26, so . . . I think some people might be disappointed or think I’m on the first one.

Will you also be fitting in some time for touring All We Need this fall?

I’m actually back out the end of September, early October with Group 1 Crew and Shonlock and Rapture Ruckus.

What about acting? Are you still doing that or is it on the backburner right now as your music has come back to the forefront?

I would love to, yes, when I have time. I loved my experience on Hidden Secrets [2006] and have been sort of putting feelers out for more stuff. It kind of keeps getting pushed back a little bit by the record, by The Sing-Off, by the tour . . . you know all that stuff. So I think it’s going to naturally find its way back in to my life maybe early next year or late this year. I think it’s just got to make sense.

For more information about Rachael Lampa and her upcoming September 27 project, All We Need, please visit NBC’s The Sing-Off premieres on Monday night, September 19 at 8/7c. Check your local listings. Or for more information, please visit the official site for The Sing-Off.