Artist:    FFH
Label:   Essential Records

Still riding the creative peak it reached on 2001’s "Have I Ever Told You", FFH’s fourth album’s songs demonstrate growth for the quartet. "Ready to Fly" hangs together on more than just the group’s trademark harmonies.

The songwriting is more mature, and the production takes some chances (though it remains well within pop/vocal territory). With "Ready to Fly," it seems like FFH has hit its stride.

Lead cut “You Found Me,” about God’s pursuit of believers, takes its cues from a bouncy piano riff and wah-wah-pedal guitar, then gives way to a meaty chorus punctuated with stellar harmonies. The title cut, rich with yearning and longing for freedom, reaches a zenith with an almost progressive-rock tail section. And main songwriter Jeromy Deibler, who co-produced the album, also offers a sweet ode to his wife and band mate in “Waltz for Jennifer.”

If the group continues at this level of progression on future projects, it should be exciting to hear the results. 


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