ALATHEA - Charming folk trio Alathea saw their Rocketown Records debut, "What Light Is All About," release this spring.  But the group does more than just sing, as chief songwriter Carrie Theobald recently completed the Chicago Marathon last fall in 4 hours 59 minutes. Kudos!

AVALON - After seven years together, what could possibly truly surprise Avalon?  How about an American Music Award this spring and being interviewed backstage by Paula Abdul for "Entertainment Tonight"!  "There are so few true surprises like that in life remembers group member Janna Long.  It's like time froze for us that night."

The man who brought us "Butterfly Kisses," Bob Carlisle revealed that his 25-year-old daughter is getting married this August.  But contrary to popular speculation, he won't be singing the famed No. 1 wedding tune at the nuptials.  "I'll be in the fetal position," he jokes. 

CHRISTAFARI - Needing a new phrase to spice up your vocabulary?  Try using "rock the locks" which Christafari's Mark Mohr verbalized when adjusting his dreads and posing for this pic after an interview.  Christafari's next project, "Gravity," drops this coming June.

JOEL HANSON - What's the fastest time ever that it's taken for PFR's former front man Joel Hanson to write a song?  "Twenty-five minutes for 'Captured,'" he says.  But it only takes approximately three minutes to listen to the little ditty on Joel's first solo disc of the same name from 2000.

NATALIE GRANT - True love is out there.  And still relatively newlywed Natalie Grant knows it.  She sings "That's When I'll Give Up on Loving You" from her recent Curb Records project, "Deeper Life," specifically for her husband, producer/songwriter Bernie Herms - who she calls "the most selfless, giving man" and her "best friend."

PHIL JOEL - The long-tressed bassist for Newsboys and solo artist in his own right ("Bring It On" is his latest disc on inpop Records), Phil Joel revealed that his 2 1/2 year old daughter, Phinley, recently said "I love you, Daddy" for the first time.  "She's very verbal for her age," Phil says.  The father of one also loves reading to his little blonde-haired tyke and taking her on walks around the neighborhood in her new red wagon.

RADIAL ANGEL - We asked the Squint Entertainment rock band (their debut, "One More Last Time," just released last month) why they're known for their live shows.  Drummer Tommy Perkins piped up and said that he did used to "thrash a lot" on stage, but has since calmed it down.  So maybe it's just the charm and boyish good looks that draw the crowds these days.  They're still not sure.