Artist: Misty Edwards
Title: Only a Shadow (Live)
Label: Forerunner Music

As a worship leader for more than a decade now at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, all of Misty Edwards’ most popular tracks have now made their way to Only a Shadow, an energetic live project where worship runs deep.

Recorded with everyone who attended a recent Onething conference, Only a Shadow is a beautiful expression of gratitude to Whom all praise is due.

Best listened to all the way through, rather than one track at a time, everything from the ethereal “Ezekiel 1” which effectively sets the album’s tone to the passionate strains of “Baptize My Heart” are fervent expressions that are perfect for personal or congregational worship.

While fans of Edward’s previous project won’t find much here that’s new from a songwriting perspective, Misty does get creative with her approach to each track. Whether it’s switching up the tempo or changing the instrumentation, the reinterpretations of the songs are inventive and engaging, which makes what’s old feel new again.

And without over-the-top, bombastic instrumentation to get in the way, the quiet introspection of tracks like “I Will Waste My Life” and “Pour My Love on You,” which was also recorded by Phillips, Craig & Dean, will absolutely take your breath away.

A stalwart reminder of God’s promises detailed in Scripture, Only a Shadow is not only a worship project but relevant encouragement for the weariest of souls.

*This Review First Published 5/13/2013