Wisdom that Works

by Berni Dymet

Prov. 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

I don't think there's one person on this planet that doesn't want to have some more wisdom.  I mean wisdom's a good thing - right?  So why aren't we all a whole bunch wiser than we actually are? 

Answer:  because wisdom involves sacrifice.  The dictionary definition of wisdom is this: having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; and the soundness of an action or decision by applying this experience and knowledge, and good judgment.

Boil that down and there are two parts to Wisdom.  Knowing what to do - and then actually getting on and doing it. 

And therein lies the problem.  We're all happy to have a bit of a theory lesson - but when it gets to putting that wisdom into action - we discover that wisdom has a cost.

According to King Solomon - the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord.  But then, many people don't want to hear that.  So here's what happens - they keep on making the same mistakes, over and over and over again. 

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