In a time when African Americans “questionably enjoy complete freedom,” says Bishop George D. McKinney, there are “new, insidious slavemasters at work outside civilized law and labor to ensnare black families and for that matter, families of all races.”


Nominated by Rev. Billy Graham and the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) for U.S. Senate Chaplain in 2003, McKinney has also been named “The Racial Reconciliation Man of the Year” for his work in the area of racial unity by the NAE.


In his latest book, The New Slavemasters, McKinney confronts some of the modern-day strongholds that are enslaving African Americans and much of our society, and meticulously devises a plan of escape for anyone who wants to be free and remain free from Satan’s traps.


“These new slavemasters are even more threatening than their whip-wielding predecessors,” McKinney writes in his introduction. “While the latter were content with enslaving the physical being, these new slavemasters are satisfied only with the imprisonment of the mind and spirit as well.”


The focus of the book centers on the plan of God and the fact that we should all enjoy freedom with responsibility. “I am concerned that after we [Christians] are born again, we volunteer to re-enter forms of slavery because of pressure and prevailing temptations,” McKinney states. “…Freedom, when abused, leads to slavery…This is a critical time. I hope African Americans are ready to heed this message and break free from this bondage.”